Pre-natal Yoga

prenatal yoga earth and sky marrickville

Our pre-natal classes are crafted to support you at any stage of your pregnancy.  Classes include: breathing techniques you can draw upon during pregnancy and birthing; postures and poses that are tailored to suit all stages and presentations of pregnancy; time devoted to winding down, centring and relaxation.  

Regular practice offers you the opportunity to: physically and mentally centre yourself; ease the aches and pains of pregnancy; prepare physically for the birth of your baby; and connect with other mums-to-be.  

Pre-natal yoga classes are small.  Booking ahead is essential to secure your place.


Pre-natal Pilates 

Carefully crafted to support pregnant women, this class is aimed at maintaining tone and strength during pregnancy, as well as helping with postpartum recovery.

Pilates is best known as a core strengthening and conditioning practice. The core and pelvic floor play an important role before, during and after birth, and have a major impact on the condition of the spine. During pregnancy, the spine is increasingly put under pressure. Improved core strength is associated with alleviation of back and hip pain, along with improved postural awareness. Therefore, Pre-natal Pilates classes focus on bringing increased awareness and strength to the core and pelvic floor, as well as giving you an opportunity to increase your connection to your body and baby at this special time.

Pre-natal Pilates is offered Mondays 6.15 – 7.15pm.  

Class size is very limited. Please see our timetable to book.


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