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Yin Yoga Workshop on 
Friday 7 December 2018
6.30pm – 8.30pm

Open yourself to the joy of summer
in our heart themed class.

In this two-hour soothing and contemplative Yin Yoga workshop we will balance the outward focus of summer’s fiery energy and open our hearts to the joy of the season.
In Yin Yoga we target our networks of connective tissue and go deeper than the superficial muscles. Poses are held for longer periods as we find stillness and apply gentle pressure to the fascia, creating space and freedom and reducing stiffness and soreness. Yin Yoga is a passive yet challenging practice that is also deeply calming of the nervous system. It is the perfect complement to Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga styles and is suitable for everybody. After this beautiful practice you will leave with deep feelings of calmness, harmony and connection between your body, mind and emotions.

Yoga retreats dates for 2019 coming soon.




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