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Some testimonials for the natural therapies offered at the Marrickville clinic.

natural therapies marrickville testimonials

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I have had chronic shoulder pain that dates back to sports injuries from 1988. This had compromised my ability to perform in certain types of physical exercise and over time the condition began to get worse. Since then I have persevered with lengthy and varied treatments. Finally I began receiving treatment from Shane Crick and can say that I no longer suffer from any pain or discomfort in my shoulder.

As well as his skill and knowledge as a practitioner I believe Shane had a unique ability to perceive the specifics of my particular needs for treatment. I have not encountered this before. Shane's modality of expertise in combination with his great sense of humour has been excellent for me.

Michele Rousseau, Psychotherapist, Inner West Sydney



natural therapies marrickville testimonialsMy first treatment with Shane Crick was a massage in 2000, at the Health Club, No. 1 Martin Place, Sydney. It was by far, the most superior massage I’d ever enjoyed. Actually, it was so different in technique and care that I felt its therapeutic benefits for some time.

By 2008, due to the complications of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which I’d had for several years, I had to retire from my work. During this time, I experienced extreme back pain and was generally unwell. I was under the supervisory care of a medical specialist at the time and tried all the recommended modalities and pain medications, however, they were to no avail.

Whilst Shane made it quite clear that, "…acupuncture could not cure MS …" he worked persistently, even attending at my home when necessary and in trying all methods, he brought considerable relief to the pain. I credit his efforts for keeping me walking during this very challenging period.

In December 2014, my mother and I had the misfortune of being held hostage along with 15 others, in the Lindt Café siege. Both of us were injured. After three operations on my foot, I spent three months in hospital and am in fact, still recovering. Shane went out of his way and regularly visited the hospital to give me acupuncture treatments, which positively impacted on my recovery.

Because of the significant and obvious benefits to my own health, I have recommended Shane to many friends and family. As a result, several of them regularly attend for treatments with him themselves. Friends overseas and interstate will phone ahead so as to not miss their chance to see him when they arrive and they often book their return flights around getting one last visit in with Shane.

Having travelled to many parts of the world, I will always try and find a local acupuncturist for a treatment while I am there. This has given me many opportunities to experience different methods and practices. I feel therefore, that I am able to attest with confidence, that Shane's treatment, practice and more importantly, his intent for his patient, is really quite unique in the world.

Myself and my whole family, enjoy the health benefits of regular treatments with Shane and we agree, that we are indeed blessed to have him as our family acupuncturist. We cannot recommend him more highly enough.

Louisa Hope, August, 2016

"Myself and my whole family, enjoy the health benefits of regular treatments with Shane and we agree, that we are indeed blessed to have him as our family Acupuncturist."

To make an appointment call Shane on 0408 602 747

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